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Everyone who has heard these recordings has been very impressed. As a result, we've gotten some top-notch people to work on the album for way less than they charge when they work for, say, Norah Jones or Chita Rivera. (Excuse me while I pick up those names I just dropped.)

We are sooooo close to releasing this album!
But to do it right, we need to finish this campaign. Because—although I tried as hard as I could—there are indeed some expenses I can't avoid.

Like manufacturing CDs. I thought we'd save money by just doing a digital release, but a music PR expert told me that even in this day and age, reviewers still prefer physical CDs. And the more reviews we can get, the better we can spread the word about Steve's awesome music. But even a small run of CDs adds about $2,000 to the budget—between design fees, manufacturing, and paying royalties to Steve and his co-writers.

Please help me finish this project and get it the attention it so richly deserves.You can pre-order the CD here for $20, get an autographed copy for just $50, and for $100 or more I will list your name in a special section on my website. And if you've donated before, you will get an extra-special mention on the website. Kind of like this. All contributions are tax-deductible.

A very generous benefactor has offered to match 1-to-1 any contributions you make by August 1st That happens to be my birthday, and this would indeed be the perfect present to give me.

Thank you so much for your support! Let's get this music heard!





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